Sunday 18th September: I started feeling very unwell during my shift. I told the folk at the desk that I was going home to bed (mid shift).
Tuesday 20th: Amazon delivered a Covid-19/SARS test kit. Tested negative but was still very unwell. Red raw throat, no sense of smell or taste, high fever, painful burning sensation in my lungs and breathing difficulty. I’ve never felt so ill in my life. Having teribble nightmares.
Friday 30th: Emailed LB as I couldn’t speak. Fever reducing.
Saturday 1st October: Replied to email saying I’d do everything to return on Thursday 6th
Thursday 6th: Still very hoarse but otherwise OK. Leaving for Edinburgh about 14.30 as need to speak to Traffic Manager.
Friday 7th: Yesterday’s shift passed smoothly and was great to catch up with friends including Central Depot manager and Traffic manager and some of the desk staff.
My cat Roopert was affected as well.

Wee soul is fine now.

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