Caches in the Dura Road Covenanter Series:

1: Covenanter 72: Simplysup
(Use GOING DUTCH GCR6WZ as a waypoint between 2 and 3).
3: Bunster184: BURT0N5: Follieus
6: Willtall547: Heath_Land8: 1in7 (at Dura)9: TheWhiteBeard
10: Firrwood-Johnny11: AbrachHutchison12: Danale
13: QueenLucyDaffodil14: Covenanter 4 (2022)15: Cairnviewers
16: Madmillars17: MumOfGeorge18: Sweeney Toddlers
19: BobbyLeggo cache had to be archived due to a
co-ordinates issue with Follieus’ but is now a priority cache on the
route to Covenanter 4 (2022) GC9PMNK from the eastern side.
Start at Covenanter 8 – GC9PXPX
20: Mackiespal21: Zookeepertx

(22) Phuryhr This cache is on a different path but use the same car park.

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