Drove to Ingliston for tram to St. Andrew’s Square then short walk to Waverley Hub to sign on for work.
Observer on City Sightseeing (red bus) with Eddie driving.
Two full circuits of the Majestic Tour with me driving a double decker with customers (paying passengers) on board, aided by 24 year old Flavio to point out stops and awkward corners. First time on this size of bus since May 2016. Flavio has been bus driving for two months.

Thirty minutes Lunch break at until 16.15 then an hours tuition on the mobile ticketing system at Waverley Hub before taking the tram back to Ingliston Park & Ride. Home at 19.15 (10.25 hours after setting off for work).

Friday 8th April I’m driving Majestic tour unaided. So much to remember. Definitely in at the deep end!

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