Singapore 1992

We’ve been having numerous daily downpours interspersed with suuny spells.

Lesley sent me this rainbow from Dalgety Bay looking south over the Firth Of Forth.

I was waiting at South Saint David’s Street for Airlink 100 to take me to Ingliston Park&Ride where I parked earlier.
14th May 1. Crab apple sapling at the front.
2. Cherry blossom (left) and pear on the right
3. Japanese maple and pink bee bomb plant.
8th April Parked at Ingliston P&R then tram to Princes Street. Was awaiting bus 19 to Marine Garage. Ended up being VERY long day. Not home until 21.50 meaning 14.75 hours since I departed for work.
Signed on for work at Marine at 09.35, checked bus then drove to St. Andrew’s Square departing on the first of two trips on the Majestic Tour. Lunch break then two trips on Edinburgh Tour. Break then final trip on the same.
Back at Marine 19.00 with bus. Signed off then walked to take a 26 to Haymarket for tram to airport.

20.45: Mega tailbacks on M8 at Newbridge. No warning signs on approach roads saying motorway had been closed (since police car chase ended in RTA at 19.45).
Reversed down hard shoulder and finally took A71 to Livingston then home by 21.45
21st March I’ve heard woodpeckers in the nearby woods before but never seen one. Yesterday afternoon I heard one close by and was delighted to see it at the peanut feeder on the high back fence. I was not quick enough to take a decent photograph (it came out a little blurred) but I’ve borrowed an image from the Internet. The colourings are almost identical to the one that visited.
Click HERE to hear the 1948 Woody Woodpecker Song
Was lifting containers at two of my archived caches.
Also, found Follieus’ Drumtassie – GC2A6XR
CARS & BIKES – Loads to add!
Armathwaite Hall