At i2i Howard Street, Glasgow

Having waited 100 days since DVLA received my professional driving licence renewal (previous one expired in November 2018 when I was still recovering from that horrific car crash), I was excited to see their envelope finally arrive in the post.

Within seconds of opening I discovered a letter saying that the doctor had wrongly completed the eyesight part of the medical forms and gave me two weeks to have it entered correctly otherwise I’d have to have another medical (cost £90) and go to the back of the queue.

I immediately called my friend’s opticians head office shop in Glasgow and secured an appointment at 10.15 on the 8th December.

Upon checking in I was informed that due to my age I required a full eyesight test. Drat, my eyesight had deteriorated by about 3% therefor legally, I had to have new spectacles made. I use varifocals which they said take two weeks to make. Also, they cannot complete the extra eyesight document that DVLA enclosed until I’ve been tested wearing the new glasses by the optometrist.

My friend Sean (the business owner) was not due in until lunchtime but I asked the staff to do everything possible and make an exception explaining to the lens manufacturers to kindly expedite my order.

I travelled by train from Blackridge and alighted at High Street station then briskly walked to Howard Street, arriving bang on 10.15 (phew). A few minutes before the train arrived there was an announcement on the station’s P.A. reminding customers to wear a face mask. I’d forgotten to bring one. FFS. The cold weather Norwegian army shirt has a zipped polo neck which I pulled up (see photograph). I was given a mask at the optician’s reception area. Afterwards I walked to Queen Street station then down to the lower level and was fortunate that my return train was only five minutes away.

Posh: I read this last week in a book I was reading on Kindle. Posh is an acronym. Refers to the days of cruising to North America. The wealthy folk would book cabins facing south on the port side when heading west and then travelling back to Europe, the starboard. Port Out Starboard Home.

I did the same on the train!

I made a few short videos especially for my wife Michelle but hope everyone else enjoys them too!
Glasgow bound (west) platform
Makeshift face mask
Very unhappy with proceedings
Poster on Glasgow High Street – tribute bands have fantastic names. Click HERE for the page.
Lower level at Queen Street station
Trains heading east come through here

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