The name(s) in parentheses show the first cachers to suggest the given Geocache. The caches are listed in chronological order commencing with the earliest to be published.

GCG7EJ – Alcock & Brown Travel Bug Hotel (Sea_Witch)


GCQDY8 – Bin there, done that. (Sweeney Toddlers & J@cobite)

GCR7ZW – Fairey Firefly (AMAZO)

GC10262 – Rudolf Hess (Johnsar & J@cobite)

GC50731 – Hurricane’s final rest (Sweeney Toddlers & J@cobite)

GC10WWT – Hess’s Hope (J@cobite)

GC1H89R – A Plane Crash (AMAZO & J@cobite)


GC4Y400 – Beinn Uraraidh – Plane Crash (GCUK)

GC5TB61 – US Air Crash Memorial. (1976) (Janechick)


The first day Rupert came to Blackridge. He’d been with his younger brother called Rupert with my nephew Connor at Edinburgh. My Rupert was originally called Oscar.
Aged 3 years and 4 months
His rain shelter which was favoured by his pal Ginger who you can just make out inside!
Asleep on my bed
Aileen bought the grey coloured blanket one Christmas
He liked sleeping on my wheelchair. October 2016
Looking into the kitchen from the hall.
Tucked up below my disabled bed table in June 2018
He looks worried
At the front door 4th May 2015
Don’t know why the cable is so tasty …
Aileen adopted the original Rupert. This Rupert stays inside. He loved climbing her Christmas tree but couldn’t get down. Occassionally she’d return home and find the tree laying on its side. Top heavy cat!
Sadly Aileen passed on 20th July 2021. Rupert is now with Connor again. This photograph was taken in 2019


Some Mancunian blokes offered to trim the big front hedge and take the cuttings away. £100 cash of course. I asked where they’d dispose of them and was told they use a place owned by a friend at Pumpherston.
I photographed the regristation of the rental van. Just in case!


GC9GFQK Off-Grid: Gnarly There (Traditional Cache) in Southern Scotland, United Kingdom created by Mr Indoorsman (
Back at the car park. Along from the Gnarly There cache I rolled aroiund in the long wet grass to remove most of the mud!
I needed to climb over this fence and gathered bundles of moss to protect me from the sharp points of the barbed wire. A few hours later my friend 1in7 (Scott) climbed over at this very same spot using the same moss. GC9GJBA Off-Grid: Bark Life (Traditional Cache) in Southern Scotland, United Kingdom created by Mr Indoorsman (